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Legal Terms & Policies

To keep things professional, pleasant and safe, we put together the following legal disclaimers and terms of use, applicable to my content as well as my spiritual services. By continuing to access my content and/or use my services, you agree to be bound by these terms. 

Updated December 9, 2019.

Disclaimers & Terms of Use

“Miss Mansanas” (formerly “moongirl MNL” or “mmmoongirl”) is:

i. a personal blog site,

ii. owned and run by Apple Nocom, who creates most if not all of the nonprofit content and provides the affiliated for-profit tarot reading services,

iii. not currently owned by or connected with any government-registered commercial entity; and

iv. intended for the purposes of entertainment and casual, non-licensed education only.

Affiliated channels and platforms include:

Self-hosted blog website

All subsequent subdomains, such as

Email addresses hosted by the domain, such as

“Little Shop” Tarot reading services

Word Weaver Electronic Mailing List

Social media accounts such as Twitter (@missmansanas) and Instagram (@missmansanas)

Divination is not a science, a fortune-telling service, or a qualified substitute for your legal, financial, medical or psychological counseling needs. While I create and publish content to the best of my research and experience, I am also not a field expert on mental health, psychology or religion.  I offer input based on my own interpretations, beliefs and perspectives but will never impose any of it on you.

I do my best to share information that is accurate, updated and true, but I still encourage you to proactively ask questions, conduct your own research from multiple sources and form your own conclusions.

You are never compelled to follow anything that I say or suggest through my content or services. You are therefore liable for any actions you choose to take, or choose not to take, as a result of my content.

Any advice I offer should be taken as casual, friendly advice at best.

To avail of my divination sessions, and to a lesser degree interact with my content, you must:

i. be eighteen years of age or older,
ii. be of safe or stable mental and emotional state during our interactions,
iii. be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol,
iv. have read and agreed to the disclaimers, terms, policies and guidelines; and
v. provide true and complete information about yourself as required.

Your safety is of top priority at all times, especially on the Internet. All of the above conditions are there to ensure that you are able to make safe, legal, healthy, and responsible decisions when interacting or transacting with me.

I have the right to refuse any kind of connection with any person whose backgrounds or actions clash with my core values and advocacies. Empathy and compassion are central to my work, and I do not want myself linked with individuals or groups found to have any habit or history of cruelty, violence, abuse of any kind, corrupt or criminal acts, and any other concerning or harmful traits and incidents.

I may also choose to keep my work away from anyone who supports, defends, assists, or enables such acts; I may do so even if the incidents occur outside the context of my scope of business, or if they were only brought to my attention after any exchange or transaction was completed.

I want my spaces and services to be safe places, and I as much as possible want you to feel lighter after our encounter. To protect this energy, I may decide to delay, decline or discontinue an interaction if:

i. I feel that the conversation will result in heightened emotions or distress, potentially but not necessarily leading up to harm or violence; or
ii. I feel that you were distressed, anxious or emotionally unstable to begin with, and would benefit from contacting a trusted friend or professional as soon as possible.

Your holistic health is extremely important to me, so for your protection I will most likely insist that our session or conversation be moved to a time when you are calmer and safer.

I also reserve the right to reject or ban any person, whether temporarily or permanently, who:

i. purposefully misrepresents information about themselves or others,
ii. is found to be rude or disrespectful in any way,
iii. purposefully ignores or refuses to acknowledge the publicly available information regarding the site and service,
iv. purposefully ignores or refuses to comply with the terms of service; or
v. acts against or disagrees with the values and ethics that I uphold.

It is within my sole discretion to apply the appropriate response to the presented behavior.

Our Privacy Policy

I may directly or indirectly ask for personal information, such as your name and address. This is typically when you request content where I need to get in touch with you, such as my newsletter or divination services, but we also require an email address to verify your authenticity when leaving comments.

I may occasionally request additional information that I feel may improve the quality of my service to you, such as your birthday or personal preferences. Any information will be collected by fair and lawful means, with your knowledge and consent.

Once your information is with me, I will store it for only as long as that service is operational or until you request deletion of your records.

The information will be kept within the boundaries of the service you consented, which may sometimes include third-party software that I use, and cannot be used or carried over into any other service without your knowledge and agreement.

For example, receiving your information for a tarot purchase does not allow me to subscribe you to my mailing list, unless you explicitly give me permission to do so.

I reserve the right to take private notes of our exchanges, mostly to improve my services and to create a more customized experience for you in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, your messages inquiring about the session or service, information you volunteered as context for the readings or even the actual outcome of your reading.

All of this info will be protected with the same confidentiality and privacy as your personal information.

I use, and occasionally move between, programs and applications that help me run my business or analyze how it’s performing. Some of these third parties may require access to your personal information, but they are obligated not to disclose or use the information for any other purpose.

A list of current service providers is appended to this section, non-exhaustive for brevity. If you are concerned about your privacy, however, you are welcome to ask me for an updated list of programs I may be using where your data is concerned.

While I make an effort to keep my website ad-free, I may occasionally link to external sites for referral or reference. These sites are not operated or necessarily endorsed by me, and I do not have control over the content and practices of those sites.

I may change my mind about monetization in the future, but will still guarantee to keep your personal information secure.

I have never and will not ever ask for sensitive information such as your passwords and credit card information. As of this date, my services are made up of almost 100% digital transactions and would have no need to ask for a physical address.

Please be wary of anyone claiming to be me, or be affiliated with me, while asking for such information and alert me right away if you notice anything suspicious.

You can absolutely deny us access to your personal information if you wish, with the understanding that I will be unable to provide some of your desired services. is my current CMS provider, along with select plugins and extensions. Your information that may be captured here include information you give through the comments or through the contact form.

Google Analytics is what I use to log web traffic and usage from users by logging your anonymized IP addresses. Google Analytics may also use web-standard cookies to study your Internet behavior and customize your browsing experience. You may opt out of Google Analytics altogether through this link.

MailChimp is the email marketing platform I use to collect and store information of persons interested in receiving emails from me, as well as to facilitate the sending of said emails to subscribers. MailChimp’s policy can be found here.

Congrats, you made it to the end! Thanks for taking the time to view Miss Mansanas’ terms of use and service. To be fully informed, make sure you’ve read the expanded terms under each subheading. If you notice anything amiss in our terms, don’t hesitate to reach out at