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a witch with words & her mental health meditations

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I’m Apple, a creative witch coping with mental illness, and this is my mystical little kitchen. I use magical practices like divination for mundane things like self-discovery and mental health.

I became a student of the occult in 2016, began to offer it professionally in 2017, and embraced my witchness as an identity in 2018. My friends and clients will affirm: no scary rituals or weird woo-woo things happen here. 

Just a strange kind of introspection, and sometimes an awakening or two.


get practical, mystical guidance

I think the Universe has been calling me since I first believed in mermaids and superpowers. But I grew up to find that it was all much simpler than that. Magic is the moving power of the right words at the right time, and the life-changing effect of a new perspective. Magic is in how I live and how I heal. 

How mundane? Nah. How inclusive. How compassionate of the universe to make itself available to everyone, to commune with us in the language we understand.

That’s the kind of magic I try to deliver. By purchasing an occult reading from me, you get clarity, confirmation, or closure through casual cartomancy.


frequently asked questions

Tarot consultation isn’t about seeing the future or telling your fortune. It’s about stepping away from the everyday “stuff” and seeing things in a new light. Preferably your own light.

Every reading answers a concern or query. I focus on this question, intuitively pull cards from my tarot deck, and then lay them out in a pattern, known as a spread, to tell a story.

I then interpret the meaning of each card and its position for you, to prompt reflection and dialogue.

In tarot, focus on understanding or exploring situations that you can control or act upon. Try questions that begin with What, How, and Why.

What can I do about this? What do I need to know? Why did that happen? How can I improve?

Skip the questions that imply a fixed future, like questions starting with Who, Where, and When.

Also avoid Yes/No questions, and asking for names, dates, numbers, locations, and the like. 

As of December 2019, I now offer crystal and pendulum readings where I accommodate Yes/No questions! 

I used to offer open Q&A, but a lot of clients don’t actually know what they want to ask. Chances are you’re spending your money on questions you don’t feel fully committed to i.e. you’re asking for the sake of asking.

Fixed readings cut down a lot of this overthinking and have my assurance that you’re getting the best value out of your questions. 

If you truly believe in asking a question that isn’t available here, I’d be happy to hear about it! Book a Custom Reading in the order form below and I’ll gladly customize a reading for you.

I recommend spacing your readings out by a month. No weird reason, just to give the universe a chance to move. Personally, I wait at least three months before checking in on a situation I asked about before.

I have nothing against you asking another reader the same question so you can “compare,” but it would be the same as getting advice from two friends. Both answers are valid and have your best interest at heart, and it would still be your call whose advice to follow.

My rates aren’t actually that far from those of my peers, and we all charge for the value and experience we offer.

I don’t give away readings for free, but we can negotiate packaged rates in special cases. Send my page a message and let’s see what we can do.

For mental health and logistical reasons, I’ve stopped taking physical appointments and don’t take video call appointments yet.

I would, however, be honored to appear at your events if you need a tarot reader. Strike up a conversation with my page with more details!

I accept energy exchange via BPI deposit/transfer, GCash, and PayPal. Other payment options will be available in the future.

I refund payments where I failed or overlooked delivery of the promised reading. If this happened to you, please contact me right away.

I do not do refunds if I delivered the reading in full but you’re simply not happy with the outcome.

I’m so sorry this happened. I experienced several technical issues this year, including problems with my web host. I lost access to the email address accio@applenocom.com, where orders were previously received and stored. 

If I did not deliver on a confirmed reading, or worse, one that you paid for, please reach out to me right away via m.me/mmmoongirl so I can issue a refund.

available readings

All readings are delivered via email, within five to seven days from receipt of payment.

Clicking on an image will take you to the order form.

Zodiac Lessons Reading

PHP 500 / USD 7
6 cards

What can Capricorn teach you about discipline? How can Pisces teach you about honoring your feelings?

Name one of the twelve signs and find out what life lesson, trait, or insight that sign can teach you. Remember: the best lessons come from signs you don't relate to :)

New Chapter Reading

PHP 650 / USD 13
8 cards

Get a glimpse into the challenges and potential of your life's next phase. Find out what's next for you, how to best prepare, and what to leave behind.

Ideal for new chapters or approaching dilemmas, this quick but well-seasoned spread is great for getting some foresight into the near future.

Personal Magic Reading

PHP 800 / USD 16
10 cards

Insightfully and mindfully get to know yourself through the universe's eyes.

In this reading, you are the sole focus. What makes you magical? What's making it hard for you to love yourself? Most importantly, how do you discover your inner light and channel more of it into your day-to-day?

Solar System Reading

PHP 1,000 / USD 20
12 cards

Let the cards and the universe deep-dive into you and your life's current status, with an analysis based on stars and planets of the solar system.

This is an improved version of my first specialty spread and, just like astrology, invites insight and introspection.

Sun & Moon Reading

PHP 1,000 / USD 20
12 cards

Created for existing fans of astrology, this is a quirky combo of readings that change with the astrological weather.

Get two special lessons from the universe: one reflecting the sun's current or upcoming sign and another reflecting the moon's current or upcoming phase.

Two people holding hands

Kindred Souls Reading

PHP 1,000 / USD 20
12 cards

Explore a partnership, whether professional, platonic, or romantic. Compare expectations, explore your compatibility, and most importantly, learn how to make it work.

Note: Relationships between three or more persons are not currently covered due to the reading complexity.

new services

Newly added services as of December 2019. Please read carefully, as I have included non-tarot options.

Crystal Divination

PHP 250 + / USD 5 +
5 questions (minimum)

My first service outside of tarot, and a way to accommodate the yes/no questions that I discourage in tarot. In a simple but effective method, I cast crystals to give you a direct answer, minus the nuances of tarot.

This service will be conducted via chat, to allow for connected questions, and costs a dollar per question for a minimum of 5 questions.

book your reading today.