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I’m Apple, a serial creative from Manila, Philippines. I compulsively make things that I think don’t exist yet but should—and sometimes it’s because some of my obsessions just need to merge. This blog is an example.

The Miss Mansanas blog started out as a personal diary of sadness and heartbreak but has since grown into a chronicle of recovery, magic and the things that help. Here you’ll find meditations on my Bipolar-II, some new concepts I’ve been brewing with my restless hands or snippets about my tarot and other esoteric studies.

I write, create and consult especially for sensitive creatives who feel cornered in this loud and overcrowded web, when we are all just trying to make others see us and understand. I hope that through this blog you feel a little less alone and you find a little magic in your hands.


As a creative, I...

…write copy and content for brands and people, specializing in content marketing.

…hold Writing Room sessions, classes on creative and technical writing.

…collaborate with other creators to add more insightful, compassion projects to the world.

Hire me as a writer, editor, teacher, or project collaborator.


As an intuitive, I...

…practice energy healing, with certifications and attunements in Reiki Level I & II. 

…offer tarot and crystal readings as professional services.

…study astrology, spirit work and spellcasting to further my path as a contemporary witch.

Request one of my many divination services.


As an advocate, I...

…speak at youth events about my experiences with depression.

…represent mental health in cross-advocacy gatherings and campaigns.

…run this blog, with the hope that it will help someone feel even just a little bit better about what they’re going through.

Invite me as a speaker, consultant, or project collaborator.


Luna: Light in Darkness, 2017. A mental health awareness fair created by me and co-hosted with Mira Arguelles. The full-day event featured creative workshops with a mental wellness approach, an art market partly featuring sellers with mental health conditions, and a performance night featuring speakers and musicians with advocacy stories.

Adjourn, 2017. An end-of-the-year journaling challenge created by Sofia Cope and co-hosted with me. We designed five prompts for our combined followers to reflect on, one for each of the last five days of 2017. Participants were encouraged to post on their blogs or Instagram pages with the hashtag #Adjourn2017.

Word Chat, 2017. A poetry-writing group existing purely on Facebook chat. A word-prompt was randomly decided every Sunday, and participants would compose a poem (shared within a Google Document) before the next Sunday. The casual project lasted nine weeks and involved over 20 people from all writing levels.