Miss Mansanas

a witch with words & her mental health meditations

Hi, I’m Apple—an erratic and eclectic advocate of stories, magic, and mental health. You’ve arrived at my space on the Internet where I show up to note down what I’ve learned.

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Practicing energy worker and intuitive reader, I identify as a contemporary witch. I explore and experiment with what magic means in the mundane, modern world. I read tarot cards for friends and clients alike, specializing in actionable and open-ended advice.

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As nearly anyone who knows me can vouch, I’m a writer. I do it for love and for a living, as I hope to someday prove on this blog. Lesser told but no less true is that I also dabble in more visual arts, like painting and illustration.

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I struggle through Bipolar-II and ADD (initially diagnosed as depression) and have long made the choice to talk about it openly. I write unabashedly about mental wellness and illness, in hopes of helping the afflicted, the curious and the concerned alike.

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