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This blogging format was originally created and published on the blog siddathornton.

READING – articles more than books lately, because I haven’t carved out a ritual that works. On my radar are startup enterprise news and the occasional opinion or essay. I’m making use of my Pocket account to track interesting pieces. You can find my recommendations on my Pocket profile.

WRITING – pre-work for my NaNoWriMo project, which will be my biggest and most personal passion project this year. I’ll save this for another post. If you’re on NaNo, you can find me as @missmansanas.

LISTENING – to fantasy soundtrack instrumentals, ha! While they sprang from an otome soundtrack LSS, they’ve become pretty useful for my writing sprints. I also have a “special meditation playlist” for when the usual ambient pieces don’t work out for me. These are publicly available on my Spotify profile.

THINKING – about the startup / tech / social enterprise landscape. I realized that it annoys me and I hate the boom. It’s so congested and, despite popular belief that it helps the economy, I’m not convinced that it improves the public’s lives. The job market sucks for both employee and employer. Any day now, the world will belong completely to brands not people.

SMELLING – this VCO calming oil to accompany the alternating flu and rhinitis episodes of this whole quarter. I’ve hit a financial snag and haven’t had room to refill my essential oil stash. Boo.

WISHING – for the absolute dissolution of capitalism. Half-kidding.

HOPING – for some money luck to come my way if capitalism isn’t going away anytime soon.

WEARING – “boyfriend shirts.” Whenever I’ve had to borrow boy shirts (for clumsiness-related reasons) in the past, I’ve enjoyed the cut and comfort. When I get to work on my capsule wardrobe project someday, my basic tees will be 100% boyfriend-style shirts.

LOVING – my very old Kindle, which I don’t really maximize because I tend to snob ebooks. Luckily, this baby has more app capability than simpler Kindle models, so I’ve transferred my Feedly and Pocket activities.

WANTING – suspension of time for a little while. Less somber, I want new notebooks so I can revise my journaling system to include a grimoire.

NEEDING – a blessing from the money gods. Or fae. Whoever’s in charge, please donate some support.

FEELING – very pressured by life. I recently confessed that my only reason for trying to get a move on my situation is that I’m out of logistical runway. There is no way I am actually mentally ready to return to the world.

OCT 27, 2019

Apple Nocom

Apple is a witch, a writer, and a mental health advocate from the Philippines. She keeps a blog as a creative outlet and a self-care diary, so she writes about depression, self-improvement, art projects, spiritual practices and other things that help her cope.

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  1. “The job market sucks for both employee and employer. Any day now, the world will belong completely to brands not people.” Ooof!

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