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The magic I came to find in the esoteric or mystic arts (pseudosciences and spiritual beliefs, if you must) wasn’t quite like the world of mermaids and element-benders I had dreamed about as a child. It was more human and ironically more mundane.

Which is good because it meant, of course, that it was for everyone.

My tarot practice, though charged with other spiritual beliefs of my own, has evolved to offer grounded, actionable, everyday guidance in easy-to-get terms. No scary rituals or woo-woo background required.

All spiritual backgrounds and exposure levels are welcome to benefit, most of my clients being curious souls new to the craft. The only condition is an open mind to everyday magic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cards won’t mean much if we don’t know what you’re asking. Contrary to popular opinion, we aren’t mind readers.

The reading needs a question, concern, context or focus, so I can lay down a tarot spread and interpret more clearly for you. This could go from specific outcomes to a general picture of a situation.

My services now come with set questions, to respond to clients who don’t know what to ask. In the follow-up questions you’re allowed, however, you can clarify virtually anything without fixed and final details like names, dates, numbers, locations and details.

I can’t tell you the winning lotto numbers but I wouldn’t if I could ;)

A good rule of thumb is asking WHAT, WHERE, WHY, or HOW.

What can I do about this?
What do I need to know?
Where is the situation headed?
Why did that happen?
How can I improve?

I do recommend you avoid asking WHO, WHEN, WHERE (place), questions answerable by YES/NO, or questions about other people’s thoughts, feelings and decisions.

I used to offer sessions of 5 open Q&A, but a lot of clients don’t actually know what they want to ask. When you take too much time thinking of what to ask, it makes me worry that you’re spending your money on questions that don’t truly benefit you.

Pre-set readings cut down a lot of overthinking and it helps me stay confident that I’m offering answers with value.

You may find the numbers high if you are looking for entertainment or a party trick. But as I work to offer real professional value and depth in my answers, my rates reflect this work. My rates are truthfully not far from industry standard.

In case of confusion, what you see are packaged costs. You pay for a whole session that runs for approximately an hour and covers more than one simple question.

Full disclosure that this meaningful side business of mine also helps me cover the cost of living with a mental illness.

The given numbers are fixed. I am, however, open to customizing a set of readings based on your budget and your specific questions. You can use the contact form below to make a custom inquiry.

This is at present a nonnegotiable no.

Yes, but I am still working out a way to systematize it!

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Personal Power Reading

PHP 550 / USD 11

Answers the questions:

"How is my mental health?"
"How do I improve my relationship with myself?"
"How can I amplify my personal growth?"

Note: This applies to any individual-centered inquiry excluding forecast ("What's next?") readings. It may include social status or skills but not relationships with specific persons.


Foresight Reading

PHP 650 / USD 13

Answers the questions:

"What's next for me?"
"How do I best prepare?"
"What do I need to leave behind in order to fully move into this next chapter?"

Note: This applies to immediate events vaguely covering the next 3 months at most; there are special, seasonally-offered readings available for forecasts going beyond 3 months.


Seven Chakras Reading

PHP 650 / USD 13

Answers the questions:

"How is my personal life situation?"
"What is my health like in the spiritual, emotional, mental, etc. areas?"
"How do I take care of myself and my situation better?"

Note: This applies solely to your individual state and personality, not others', making it perfect for insightfully and mindfully getting to know yourself.


Solar System Reading

PHP 800 / USD 16

Answers questions about you, based on the planets of our solar system.

"What are my perceived & hidden traits?"
"How do I communicate myself in work and in everyday?"

Note: This reading briefly covers different aspects of your life situation, your personality and, most importantly, how to be better. This is an improved version of my first specialty spread and, just like astrology, it invites a lot of insight and introspection.


Sun & Moon Reading

PHP 800 / USD 16

Created for existing fans of astrology, this is a quirky combo of readings that change with the astrological weather.

The first spread will depend on what sign the sun is in during the time of our reading, while the second reading will depend on the sign and phase of the moon.

The sun spread changes roughly every 28-30 days, while the moon reading roughly every 5-7 days, so a unique reading is guaranteed every time.


Kindred Souls Reading

PHP 800 / USD 16

Answers the questions:

"Are this person and I compatible?"
"How can we improve our partnership?"
"What do we need to know about each other to make this partnership work?"

Note: This applies to dual relationships of all kinds including professional, platonic and romantic. Relationship between three or more is not currently covered due to the reading complexity.


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