A Witch With Words

A thought diary on mundane magic and mental health.

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I’m Apple, a serial creative from Manila, Philippines. I compulsively make things that I think don’t exist yet but should—and sometimes it’s because some of my obsessions just need to merge. This blog is an example.

MOONGIRL started out as a personal diary of sadness and heartbreak but has since grown into a chronicle of recovery, magic and the things that help. Here you’ll find meditations on my Bipolar-II, some new concepts I’ve been brewing with my restless hands or snippets about my tarot and other esoteric studies.

I write, create and consult especially for sensitive creatives who feel cornered in this loud and overcrowded web, when we are all just trying to make others see us and understand. I hope that through this blog you feel a little less alone and you find a little magic in your hands.

As a creative, I...

…work in creative digital & content marketing, specializing in copywriting.

…occasionally hold and teach a session of “Writing Room,” classes on creative / marketing writing.

…independently study digital marketing trends and methods, like design / UX / CX thinking.

…collaborate with other creators to add more insightful, compassion projects to the world

As an intuitive, I...

…practice Reiki healing, with attunements in Level I & II. 

…offer professional tarot guidance as a side business.

…study astrology (including moon magic), energy work and simple spellcraft as a mindful practice.

As an advocate, I...

…have lived with diagnosed Bipolar-II for over a year and speak about the experience in schools.

…am Youth Ambassador for a girls empowerment campaign called Investing in the Future of Young Pinays.

…co-created Lucent Fair 
(formerly called Luna).

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