art, magic & mental health: a good witch's recovery diary

Hi, I’m Apple—an erratic and eclectic advocate of stories, magic and mental health.  You’ve arrived at my space on the Internet where I show up to note down what I’ve learned.

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Attuned to Reiki and working as a professional tarot reader, I loosely identify as a kitchen witch, exploring everyday spells and enchantments as part meditative practice and part fulfillment of childhood dreams of being magical.

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I’m a trained and partly self-taught copywriter & digital marketer. I write for a living and for a love of craft, as shown on this site. I also advocate for creative expression as mental wellness. I love co-creating compassion projects that add meaning and insight to the web.

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I live with Bipolar-II, originally diagnosed as clinical depression, and convert the negative experiences into initiatives to give back. I write unabashedly about mental wellness and keep my Inboxes open for shy questions and searches for consolation.

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